Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you have a great experience with us! The club is all about the people and technology that we use to be productive, get stuff done, be creative, learn, create, draw, listen, write and much more!

We are not affiliated with Apple. We are a non-profit organization local to Chicago. We fill a need of introducing people to many products and people to help everyone get more out of their Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPads, and more. The Chicago Apple User Group can broaden your view, increase your efficiency, and add skills to your experiences in a way no other group can do.

Our monthly meetings are open to everyone, and are free to attend! The meetings include world class speakers, demonstrations of software, methods on dealing with hardware, new ways of getting more from our of Apple products that are not commonly known or advertised by Apple. Discover, learn and evaluate how third party hardware and software can enhance Apple products and increase productivity for you. All of this can make life simple and more fun. Occasionally, we get special pricing on third party hardware and software.

It's a very cool group with lots of great people. You are more than welcome to visit to see what all the cool stuff is about. It's a great way to learn more, make friends, and have fun all at the same time!

Meeting Topics
Our meetings will cover a very wide range of topics, such as (but not limited to):
  • Graphic design skills from nationally recognized designers
  • How to get clarity with your photo collections
  • Protecting yourself and others online
  • User contributed reviews of products
  • Great utilities to make your experience even better
  • Music (including listening, downloading, making and recording music)
  • Current news and insights
Established in 1984.

The Chicago Apple User Group was founded in 1984, the same year the Macintosh came out. We've been meeting regularly ever since. We are an educational not-for-profit that helps people expand the use of Apple technology!
We are fortunate to have many speakers who have been with us for years, and continue to come back. Bob LeVitus is a world famous author of more than 50 books, and has been giving annual presentations to our club for many years. We've also had several visits from Adam Engst, Joe Kissell and many others who have made very significant contributions to the Apple community.

We are very fortunate to have many outstanding teachers as our own members, so you can also hear from Bill Geraci, Michel Ségard, and many more.

The meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month at Experimac, 1127 West Madison in Chicago, and there is no admission or cover charge. Topics will range from beginning subjects to ideas that can be used by professionals. The range that we offer makes it very good for a wide range of people for learning and networking.

All made possible by memberships
The Chicago Apple User Group has a solid core of members, and new people joining all the time. These people make the club activities possible, and we are extremely grateful for their support. You can learn more about membership at our membership page.
Contact us
You can contact us by going to our Contact Us page, or visiting us at one of our main meetings.

We hope to see you soon!