Art Text 4 Review!

Art Text 4 Review—Look at all the amazing things you can do!
Russ Conte
August 14, 2021

Our good friends at
BeLight Software have released the latest upgrade to Art Text, and it’s up to version 4. Here is how they describe their amazing story:

“Over a decade ago, four young friends, two developers and two marketers, decided that they want to make Mac users’ lives easier with intuitive apps. Today, we are a team of 30 people turning daunting tasks into feasible ones for our users. We cover home design, graphic design, desktop publishing and productivity.”

I’ve been a big supporter of BeLight Software’s products for many years, and I own fully licensed versions of many of their products, including Art Text 4.

They recently upgraded Art Text to version 4, and this upgrade is very significant! It’s so much fun that I find it happily addictive, as I’ve been playing with this almost since I got it! Art Text 4 gives me the feeling I had when I first discovered the Mac many years ago: I have the tools to create amazing art, the software gives me results I could not dream of otherwise, and it’s a total blast of fun to play with this software. The best part is that Art Text 4 is able to do professional level work, an it’s a huge amount of fun for those of us who love to play with our Macs and create art, so it’s the best choice for everyone from beginners to professional level designers who need to do amazing effects with text.

I contacted BeLight Software about Art Text 4, and received a very nice personal reply. Yes, they do have real people supporting their customers, and they are extremely helpful. This is another reason to support this excellent company.

Back to the basics: What is Art Text 4? It’s software that allows me to play with text in many creative ways. Here are just a few of the examples that are easy to create:


In reality, Art Text has been a great tool for many years. The new upgrade allows me to add shapes to any of the text. The shapes are added via a vector tool, and there is a whole library of shapes included with Art Text 4. Just imagine the power of being able to add vector graphics to this level of text manipulation, the possibilities are nearly endless. Here is a web badge that is much clearer than many of the ones I see online, it uses 3D text, shading, and now easily includes the icon for the envelope:


Here is a sign that can be posted for an event showing where the desserts are located, including vector art of the desserts and the arrow:


The possibilities truly are endless now that vector art has been added in Art Text 4. There is a library of vector art included with the program.

If you are new to the program (and that’s very likely), they have an excellent set of video tutorials, including 13 videos showing how to use Art Text 4:

The most amazing thing is the price. Art Text 4 is only $29.99, everything included. You get all this power (and much more than I’ve described here) for an amazing prices. There are in-app purchases, up to their “All Design Sets” for $99.99, but all of those are optional.

Find Art Text 4 on the Mac App Store at:

You can find it at BeLight Software’s home page:

We are giving away THREE licenses to Art Text 4 at our meeting on September 01, 2021. You MUST be at the meeting to have a chance of winning. I’ll be sending our meeting information frequently, so make sure to join us!

In summary:

Art Text 4 is an amazing piece of software that is incredibly fun and yet fully professional, too.

Full disclosure: I paid for the full license for Art Text 4, and the In-App purchases, so this review is totally independent. BeLight is an amazing company that really supports our community, and I did this review to let you know how good they are, and ask you to consider supporting them and their work. I think you’ll find their products are amazing, the prices are very reasonable, and (best of all) the products are consistently excellent.


Russ Conte
Chicago Apple User Group
August 14, 2021