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The April, 2018 meeting of the Chicago Apple User Group will demonstrate how to transition from Windows to Mac. The meeting will cover two parts:

Part 1: "What's it called on my Macintosh?" In the first part of the presentation we will show the ways that many common Windows tasks are performed on a Macintosh. These will include such tasks as opening files, find the Control Panel, add/delete programs, protect against a virus, right click, preview files, rename files, move files, open apps, change volume and brightness, explore files, get new applications, use Microsoft Office, access work files, and other questions people ask when they switch from Windows to Mac. All of these will be very familiar to Windows users, and you'll see how they are done on a Macintosh.

Part 2: What can you do on a Mac that does not exist on Windows? In other words, what makes the Macintosh unique? We will demonstrate the seamless integration between hardware and software on a Mac, security, email and calendar, spotlight, editing photos/video/music/web sites, backup, how to run Windows or Linux on a Mac, Apple stores, the integration with the iPhone and iPad, among other topics.

Obviously we'll only touch on these topics, but it will be enough that a person will be able to successfully transition from Windows to a Mac. We will also allow time for Q&A about any specific tasks that people have.


Meeting logistics:

The Chicago Apple User Group presents:

Transitioning from Windows to the Mac
Presented by Russ Conte
Wednesday, April 4, 2018
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

1127 West Madison
Chicago, IL 60607
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No admission charge

Open to everyone!
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